It's Criminal ... Your Real Estate Project Management Crimes.

Posted by GeoLens on Oct 13, 2017 9:19:13 AM

Are you a victim of outdated systems and processes you are using to manage your real estate projects? Still relying on emails, spreadsheets and project scheduling software for your real estate project management? The average person uses over 13 different tools and applications to mange their time and work. This begs the question... are you using your time effectively to manage the work or are you wasting time managing the various tools and applications? These old ways of managing real estate projects should be a crime, with traditional project management wasting $144MM for every $1B spent.

It’s time to say GOODBYE to your old, unproductive ways of working and HELLO to GeoLens, the better way to manage real estate projects under one centralized online platform. Learn how to increase your real estate project productivity in our free e-Book.

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